To migrate to Canada through the Express Entry system, your odds of being chosen are almost totally dependent on how well you graded in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). You are graded based on the 5 factors of education, English and/or French language proficiency, age and work experience.


Note that factors such as Canadian degrees, certificates,  job offer, diplomas and a recommendation from a Canadian province can considerably increase your score. The applicants ranked the highest, on the basis on their scores, are given Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence in Canada.


To discover your score check the Canadian Office website Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) – tool.


You can read more about CRS ranking Express Entry – Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Criteria

There are a host of other websites offering point calculation free of charge but have at the back of your mind that they are not official despite the fact that some of them are quite popular.


You can Improve your CRS score by Doing the Following:

  1. Increase your language scores
  2. You can apply through a Provincial Nominee Program
  3. Leverage on an LMIA-approved job opportunity
  4. You may use your spouse as the primary applicant


Typically, your CRS should be over 450 to improve your chances of getting a direct ITA. Although CRS score often change for each draw anything short of 450 reduces your chances. With a lower score, you can still apply for provincial nomination.


For example, the majority of candidates in this pool have scores under 400 points, but as shown here you can’t participate in a draw if you don’t score up to 400. In fact, there hasn’t been a cut-off score lower than 430 points in an open draw since May of 2017.


Often time the draws usually cap out at a maximum of 3,000 candidates though it sometimes draws higher. Sometimes this autumn the draw was capped at 3,900 candidates, just a few candidates below the all-time high. If you really want to play safe, you should try to get more than 450 points.


CRS Score Range              Number of Candidates

601-1200                              435 (+179 candidates since October 16)

451-600                                1,773 (+124 candidates since October 16)

401-450 total                      30,370 total (+1,073 candidates since October 16)

441-450                                736 (-219 candidates since October 16)

431-440                                9,177 (-227 candidates since October 16)

421-430                                6,217 (+28 candidates since October 16)

411-420                                6,885 (+27 candidates since October 16)

Applicants with scores below this threshold have only ever been invited for the Federal Skilled Trades-only draws in May and November 2017 and May and September 2018 only.


401-410                                7,355 (+222 candidates since October 16)

351-400 total                      36,880 total (+1,756 candidates since October 16)

391-400                                6,841 (+91 candidates since October 16)

381-390                                7,721 (+92 candidates since October 16)

371-380                                7,661 (+105 candidates since October 16)

361-370                                7,407 (+83 candidates since October 16)

351-360                                7,250 (+40 candidates since October 16)

301-350                                20,311 (+738 since October 16)

0-300                                     3,272 (+38 since October 16)

Total                                      92,578 (+1,239 since October 16)


The last draw was for 3,900 candidates. The cut-off score was at least 442 points. Given that there are over 36,000 candidates in the pool with scores higher than 400, it’s likely the score will not be dropping down into the low 400s any time soon. Try to do everything you can to make sure your score is 450 or higher for draws going forward. (Culled from


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