One of the most common questions posed by potential Canadian immigrants is “How long will it take? How long will my immigration application take to be treated?” The truth is there is often no quick fix for this.


A typical EE application takes between 1-5 years depending on your profile. You’ll need to be patient and act conscientiously. Sometimes, you may need to seek expert opinion relevant information needed to fast track the process.


Although in 80% of cases, an application submitted through Express Entry is processed within 6 months from the date it is received. You should, however, take note that these processing times do not include the time it takes to submit an Express Entry profile, receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and prepare the final application for submission.



The visa procedure for Express Entry will cost about CAD 1,000. You also need to prove, when you get the visa, that you have at least CAD 12,500 in your home bank. That has to be your money and cannot be borrowed money. The Immigration department often does a very thorough credit check on this.



There are no known shortcuts for Express Entry process as of today. No agency, lawyer or person can speed up the process. The whole modus operandi is clearly spelt out on the website. So save your money and focus on the actual procedures.


Take your IELTS test with a minimum total score of 7.0 and above with no grading less than 6.5 in each module, ensure you are sound healthwise (i.e. no communicable disease), secure a good job and develop experience in your area of specialization (for at least 3 yrs).


Ensure you save depending on your family size ($13,000+), prepare for additional expenses like medical testing, IELTS test, WES, visa fee, cost of travel, police report and DHL cost to post your passport to designated centers and so on.

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