The SAT exam is a popular college affirmation test In the USA .The test gives you a chance to indicate to colleges what you know and how well you can apply that information. SAT exam, tests your insight into composition, academic reading and arithmetic — subjects that are taught each day in secondary school classrooms. Most students take the SAT exam amid their junior or senior year of secondary school, and countless utilize the SAT test scores to settle on preffered school choices.

Taking the SAT test/exam is the initial phase in finding the correct college for you as a prospective undergraduate. You should remember that SAT test/exam scores are only one of numerous variables that colleges consider when settling on their affirmation choices. Secondary school grades are additionally vital. Indeed, the mix of secondary school evaluations and SAT exam scores is the best indicator of your scholarly accomplishment in college.

The general SAT test/exam which is normally alluded to SAT I doesn’t test rationale or theoretical thinking. It tests the abilities you are learning in school: perusing, composing and science. Your insight and abilities in these subjects are essential for accomplishment in college and for the duration of your life.

The basic reading segment incorporates reading sections and sentence culminations.

The composition segment incorporates a short article and numerous decision inquiries on recognizing blunders and enhancing language structure use.

The science segment incorporates inquiries on number-crunching activities, polynomial math, geometry, insights and likelihood.

Subject Tests ordinarily alluded to as SAT II are 60 minutes in length, content-based tests that enable you to feature accomplishment in particular branches of knowledge where you exceed expectations. These are the main universal confirmation tests where you pick the tests that best grandstand your accomplishments and interests as an imminent undergrad.

SAT Subject Tests enable you to separate yourself in the University affirmation process or send a solid message with respect to your availability to ponder particular majors or projects in University. Related to your other affirmation accreditations (your secondary school record, SAT exam scores, educator suggestions, and so on.), they give a more total photo of your scholarly foundation and interests.

A few colleges additionally utilize Subject Tests to put understudies into the suitable courses. In view of your execution on the test(s), you could possibly satisfy essential necessities or get acknowledgment for starting level courses.


High scores in SAT test/exam may result in grant openings abroad.

The aggregate score for SAT I is 2400— – (Essay—800, Verbal Reasoning—800, General Maths—800)

SAT II is the subject test which is required by some particular schools, subjects incorporates significant optional school subjects.

SAT 1 and SAT II are masterminded and controlled in Nigeria around six(6) – seven(7) times each year.

SAT test/exam enrollment in Nigeria is typically done around 8-10 weeks before the proposed exam date.

You will require a universal international ID as a type of recognizing record upon the arrival of the exam

Something like two months of good arrangement is required for the SAT examination.