Accessplanet made what seemed an enormous challenge simple. I got to know about my IELTS Academic test very close to resumption at school. I could only afford to spend a few days in Lagos as I was resident in Oshogbo back then. Accessplanet assisted me to attain Band 7.0 in 4 days. For this, I’m forever indebted to Mr. Bankole. He was such a wonderful fellow! 

Father Anthony, Trinity College, Dublin


I first took the GRE test about 3 months ago and failed woefully in the quantitative, I got 136. I’m a business guy and had not opened a math book in almost 18 years, so it was really difficult studying the prep materials. After hearing about Accessplanet, I called in. Last week I took it again, I scored a 158 (almost 70%) meaning I improved almost 60% in less than 2 months. I’m simply awed right now. I will like to thank my Quantitative instructor, Mr. John for a job well-done. Thank you Accessplanet.       

 Uche, Lagos                                                      


Accessplanet assisted me to attain my targetted Band score of 7.5 in the first attempt. Prior to coming across them, I was so terrified of the test. But through the patient tutelage of Mr. Muyiwa, I gained so much confidence and I knew I was going to pass even before the test date.

Ayo, Adelaide, Australia


I did my TOEFL tutorial with Mr. Bankole two years ago in Ibadan but then needed to take the examination once again for my graduate school application in the USA. I was desperate because I had only a week to prepare for the exam, and the application deadline was close. Plus, my confidence level was very low. Thankfully, Mr. Bankole and Mr. Kute were prompt and trained me intensely within the timeframe that I had and I finally got the score that I was aiming for. I got a score of 102  out of the possible 120 and I will definitely look for Accessplanet team again when my sister will have to take this test in 2 years. Thank you so much!



I am really glad I came across you guys at Accessplanet. Because of you guys, I am one step ahead in fulfilling my dreams to be a nurse in the UK. My scores were Listening 7.5; Reading 8; Writing 6.5; Speaking 7. Thank you for everything. I just want you to know that although I am not an exceptional student, I really learned a lot on the IELTS course. In fact, I am really impressed with the way how your team simplifies things in order for me to understand.

This is the reason why I am endorsing Accessplanet to my friends who need guidance in their IELTS test preparation.



After taking the TOEFL course, my results were Listening: 28; Reading 30; Writing 26; Speaking 26. My Overall score is 110.

I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, not only with the TOEFL review but also after the results came out. Thank you for your patience and support. 

I would definitely recommend Accessplanet if someone I know will take TOEFL in the future.



I’d like to thank the Accessplanet team, especially Mr. Bankole, for guiding me throughout my IELTS journey.

I needed a crash course for my IELTS as I had just 2 weeks to prepare.

Mr. Bankole had graded me 7-7.5 in my writing and speaking, but unfortunately, I got 6.5 in my speaking. However, when I applied for re-evaluation, my score increased to 7.5.

So I speak from experience that Accessplanet assessment is accurate and they know exactly what is required to achieve the required bands.

I would recommend Accessplanet to anyone who’s trying to achieve their desired band score, as with this wonderful team it becomes very easy.



I’m a lawyer and all throughout the years, I have thought that I have mastered the English language, only to find out that I still have a lot to learn when I started reviewing for IELTS.

It was disappointing when I got low scores on the practice tests, especially in writing, which I consider my forte.

Due to the nature of my job I didn’t have much time to review and practice, and it seemed very difficult for me to pass.

But thanks to Accesplanet through their home services, especially Mr. Muyiwa who had to leave my office late most days, I exceeded the band scores that I needed- Listening 7.5; Reading 7.5; Writing 7; Speaking 7.5; Overall 7.5.

I really recommend Accessplanet because they are well-organized and make their teaching easy to understand.






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